v42bis_compress_state_t Struct Reference

#include <v42bis.h>

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Public Attributes

int compression_mode
 Compression mode.
v42bis_frame_handler_t handler
 Callback function to handle received frames.
void * user_data
 An opaque pointer passed in calls to frame_handler.
int max_len
 The maximum frame length allowed.
uint32_t string_code
uint32_t latest_code
int string_length
uint32_t output_bit_buffer
int output_bit_count
int output_octet_count
uint8_t output_buf [1024]
v42bis_dict_node_t dict [V42BIS_MAX_CODEWORDS]
int transparent
 TRUE if we are in transparent (i.e. uncompressable) mode.
int change_transparency
int compressibility_filter
 IIR filter state, used in assessing compressibility.
int compressibility_persistence
uint32_t v42bis_parm_c1
 Next empty dictionary entry.
int v42bis_parm_c2
 Current codeword size.
uint32_t v42bis_parm_c3
 Threshold for codeword size change.
int first
 Mark that this is the first octet/code to be processed.
uint8_t escape_code

Detailed Description

V.42bis compression. This defines the working state for a single instance of V.42bis compression.
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