hdlc_tx_state_t Struct Reference

#include <hdlc.h>

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Public Attributes

int crc_bytes
hdlc_underflow_handler_t underflow_handler
 The callback routine called to indicate transmit underflow.
void * user_data
 An opaque parameter passed to the callback routine.
int inter_frame_flags
 The minimum flag octets to insert between frames.
int progressive
 TRUE if frame creation works in progressive mode.
size_t max_frame_len
 Maximum permitted frame length.
uint32_t octets_in_progress
 The stuffed bit stream being created.
int num_bits
 The number of bits currently in octets_in_progress.
int idle_octet
 The currently rotated state of the flag octet.
int flag_octets
 The number of flag octets to send for a timed burst of flags.
int abort_octets
 The number of abort octets to send for a timed burst of aborts.
int report_flag_underflow
 TRUE if the next underflow of timed flag octets should be reported.
uint8_t buffer [HDLC_MAXFRAME_LEN+4]
 The current message being transmitted, with its CRC attached.
size_t len
 The length of the message in the buffer.
int pos
 The current send position within the buffer.
uint32_t crc
 The running CRC, as data fills the frame buffer.
int byte
 The current byte being broken into bits for transmission.
int bits
 The number of bits remaining in byte.
int tx_end
 TRUE if transmission should end on buffer underflow .

Detailed Description

HDLC transmit descriptor. This contains all the state information for an HDLC transmitter.

Member Data Documentation

2 for CRC-16, 4 for CRC-32

Referenced by hdlc_tx_frame(), hdlc_tx_get_byte(), and hdlc_tx_init().

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